Align Trex T15 Brushless ESC HEG15013


●Suitable for T15.
●Must with T15 GRS (HEG15011 / HEG15012)

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●Suitable for T15.
●Must with T15 GRS (HEG15011 / HEG15012)
●Main motor output current: Continuous 12A / Surge 14A
●Tail motor output current: Continuous 6A / Surge 7A
●BEC output current: Continuous 5V/2A / Surge 5V/2A
●Persistent maximum current require optimal heat dissipation condition
●Supported motor types: 2 poles to 18 poles brushless in/out runners
●Maximum rotational speed: 2 poles-240000 RPM, 12 poles-40000 RPM
●Input voltage: 2S Li-Po

●T15 Brushless ESC x 1
●Screw(M1.4×2.5mm) x 3
●150 GRS Double Sided Tape A x 1

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