OMP Hobby M2 Explore RC (BNF) Helicopter Explore Version (Yellow) OSHM2-EXP-Y OLD VERSION


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The M2 Explore shares the same power system and flight controller as the M2 2020. Tom meet the needs of different flying styles we have opened the flight controller to allow for adjusting of the flight controller parameters. Coupled with the improved ESC’s this enhances the flight characteristics even futher.

The landing gear is made of high stenght nylon more forgiving than the carbon fiber plates on the previous version.

The tailpipe is designed with an inverted water drop shape using a high strength extruded aluminum alloy.

The integrted sis sided hollo CNC taipipe mount allows for light weight ,high stength and reliable positioning .

The blade clip and swashplate are designed using a carbon composite technology. This maintains the fight experience while reducing maintenace cost.

The carbon composite servo housing is precision injection molded to ensure strenght and accuracy.

The M2 Explore uses an exquisite fiberglass canopy . The blades , landing gear and canopy share the same exclusive paint desigh which highlights the M2s unique style

BNF Includes

Helicopter x1
EPP Box x1
Battery x1
Servo Horns x3
Spare Screws Pack x1
Main Shaft x1
Cross Shaft x1

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Weight 2.14 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 6 in